We will be setting up three separate classrooms to accommodate three separate groups of children (depending on age).  The school-age kids will be in their normal room. 


We will be providing 2 healthy snacks per day.  Parents required to bring a healthy lunch for their child(ren) each day.  All food must be nut free. 

Please do not send items that need to be heated.  Please ensure everything is labeled (lunch kit, containers, etc.).  Please use an ice pack to keep cold items cool. Please also ensure you pack proper cutlery. 

Children’s lunch kit and water bottle will go in their cubby to avoid contact.


Enhanced sanitization will take place on a daily basis.  Frequently touched surfaces will be wiped down several times per day.  Toys will be sanitized daily (as per Alberta Health Services Guidelines).  Anything with soft surfacing cannot be used at this time and will be put into storage.

Field Trips:

We have been asked to suspend field trips until further notice.  

Outdoor Play:

We plan on having additional time outdoors, as this allows children to naturally social distance from one another and because outside time is wonderful in general!  Any shared play equipment will be sanitized prior to new groups using the space.


Non-essential visitors will not be allowed in the space until further notice. 

All visitors to the daycare (who will be here longer than 15 minutes) are required to fill out a pre-screening checklist and have their temperature taken.

Hand Sanitizer:

There will be hand sanitizer made available at the entrances should supplies permit, however, it is recommended that children not use sanitizer, but wash their hands instead.

Sick Children:

As per Alberta Health guidelines, children will be expected to go through a pre-screening checklist daily and will have their temperatures recorded upon arriving at daycare.  Please note that the checklist is updated periodically depending on Alberta Health guidelines.

We will have to exclude any child or staff member that has cold symptoms or other COVID-19 related symptoms until they are tested.  If results are negative, they are welcome to return when symptoms have improved.  If a child has allergies, asthma, etc that give them cold like symptoms – we will need to see that a COVID test comes back negative before they will be able to attend (as per Alberta Health).  We have to be very strict with this illness policy. 



Families are encouraged to avoid all non-essential travel.  Should a family decide to travel outside of Canada, they will be required to self-isolate for 14 days upon their return.  Should any signs of illness present themselves, you may not return for 10 days or until the symptoms have improved – whichever period is longer (as per Alberta Health).


Due to city by-laws, all parents entering the daycare must wear a mask.  Masks will not be required for the children as per Alberta Health.  We also do not feel the children will be able to meet the requirements for proper mask use.  Staff members will be required to wear masks during the day when in close contact with the children, while changing diapers, or while moving between rooms, as per Alberta Health requirements.

More on proper mask use here:

Personal Items:

Each child needs to bring a backpack to store all items such as (sunscreen, bug spray, hat, water bottle, change of clothes etc.) that will remain at the daycare.  These items must be labeled.  Any dirty clothing will be put into a bag for parents to take home at the end of the day. 

Other personal items from home are not permitted at the centre at this time.  This means no stuffies, blankets, electronics, toys, books, etc.


We are currently enrolling children at this time.  Parents, please contact the center if you would like to arrange for a scheduled interview.


We will take children’s temperature at drop-off and after nap/lunch time or if there is any indication a child is not feeling well.  If the child has a temperature and a runny nose, the child will be isolated and parents will be called to pick up the child immediately.  We will report all symptoms to Alberta Health Services.

Social Distancing:

While social distancing is clearly going to be difficult for children, we do have plans in place to assist this process as much as possible:

  1. All children will stay in the same group, in the same room each day with their assigned teacher(s).
  2. There will be limits to the amount of children that can play in one area at a time (depending on size of area).
  3. Children will be socially distanced at tables during meal times and during any table activities.
  4. Item sharing will be limited.  Teachers will strive to offer activities where each child has their own tools to use for cutting, gluing, painting, etc. These will be disinfected after use.
  5. Group water play and certain types of sensory play will be discontinued until further notice.  We will use individual kits/bins for the children to enjoy sensory activities.
  6. Minimize time standing in lines and ensure children are distanced as much as possible, while ensuring their safety.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns regarding COVID-19.  Our job is to try our best to ensure your child’s safety at this time.

Thank you and see you soon!